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iStock 000016889063Medium 196x300 4 AWESOME  AB BLASTERS FOR A RIPPED 6 PACK!Summer is upon us, and it’s time for you to look your best.  All the new size you have added to your chest, back and shoulders will certainly benefit you in this department, but let’s be honest here.  No physique is complete without a nicely cut set of abdominals.  The eyes are naturally drawn to the midsection, and a nice set of abs is something the members of the fairer gender want more than anything.  So let’s give the world what they want!  Check out this abdominal workout designed to help you hit the abs from all angles.

This tried and true method will bring your upper abdominals to life, without a doubt!  Keep the sets fast and simple.  Fall to the floor and lie on your back.  Put your feet up on a bench and crunch away.  Don’t count repetitions – count the minute instead.  Your abs are a high intensity muscle group.  Training them with 3 sets of 8 to 10 is practically worthless.  Using 4 sets of 50 to 100 is more like it!

Lying Leg Raises
You’re ready to torch the lower abdominals.  Pull yourself up onto the bench you were using for crunches, have a seat on the edge, and lay back.  Raise your legs (keeping them together) up and down.  Again, don’t worry about counting repetition.  Focus on the music in your ear and the pump in your lower abdominal region.  Train for 6 to 7 minutes in this manner.  The tough part of your ab training day is now complete!

Ab Machine of Your Choice
This is where things get fun.  Use a different machine every week.  Mix it up.  Train for 5 minutes with as little stopping as possible, and you’re done with the central ab wall.

Broomstick Twists
Wrap up your ab training day with broomstick twists!  Turn on your music or watch television, use an unweighted bar, and enjoy yourself.  This movement is practically painless!

It’s that simple.  A routine like that will probably take you 15 minutes to complete, and should be used 3 to 4 times per week.  You will need to adjust other factors in your training life as well, in order to maximize the rate at which your abs become visible to the outside world.  For example, diet will come into play.  You can’t live on drive-thru fast food and expect your midsection to be ripped.  You’ll need to bump up your protein consumption and lower your overall carbohydrate and fat intake to facilitate a caloric deficit.  Next, you will want to add some cardiovascular exercise to your routine, in addition to any you are doing already for a health baseline.  Three to four sessions per week, ranging from 25 to 45 minutes will suffice.  Choose a low intensity, low impact movement such as walking on the treadmill or the stair stepper, and just zone out.  Supplements may also provide a fat burning effect to protect your existing muscle and speed up the fat burning process.  Good luck!

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