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iStock 000015336233Medium 300x199 BICEPS BARBELL BLASTS –  THE SECRET TO BIG GUNS REVEALED!We’ve probably all been brainwashed by the owners of commercial gyms from time to time, and ended up with the belief that it’s essential to use a million different movements of many varieties in order to build a nice pair of biceps.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, there were decades of bodybuilders who were able to manage building incredible upper arm muscles using nothing more than a standard Olympic barbell.

To sufficiently hit biceps, you don’t have to train with a million different movements from a million angles.  You want to hit biceps, and you want to hit forearms.  A barbell is all you need to do this.  Load up a barbell with 25 pounds on each side and let’s get started.  We know, you can use plenty more weight.  But you can always start slow and move up.  You’ll need a massive list of exercises for this barbell biceps blast.  Do you have a pen and paper ready?  Here is the giant list:

  • Standing barbell curl
  • Biceps reverse curl

That’s it!  You don’t need a wealth of machines dumbbells, cables, bent crazy bars, chin racks, or anything else, in order to adequately stimulate your biceps to grow.  In fact, using a barbell may be the most effective means of all because it doesn’t allow you to get all fancy.  Admit it, when you’re on the pulley, cable, bent bar biceps machine thing-e at the gym, you do tend to get a little “pumpy”, don’t you?  Perhaps you don’t load up the machine with an insane amount of weight.  Maybe, instead, you opt for a moderate amount of weight, and you train for the pump.  That’s fine if you enjoy the arm size you have today and only wish to add some cuts and definition to what you have.  However, if your goal is to change your arm from mediocre to massive, then you are going to want to put aside these machines and lift heavy.

Yes, those two movements are all you are going to need.  However, the tricky part to using only these two movements is that you will vary your repetition range greatly in order to saturate as many muscle fibers as humanly possible.  There are a small group of fast-twitch muscle fibers which are only hit with the very heavy exercises.  And there are a small group of slow-twitch muscle fibers which are only hit when you use light weights for high repetitions.  So you are going to be doing both – get it?  Complete these super sets in any order that you wish.  Perhaps you can even mix them up – heavy, moderate, light, heavy, moderate, light, etc.

Additionally, the money you save from only using barbells can be used to purchase steak, poultry and other muscle bodybuilding foods essential for real growth and recovery.  Even some supplements such as Mesobolin or Creatine might be a good idea!  Stick with the heavy barbell training, enjoy plenty of rest and adequate nutrition, and your results will be spectacular!

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