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The Advantage Of Fish Oils

iStock 000012436362Medium 300x199 The Advantage Of Fish OilsQ: So fish oils are supposed to be great for you, but should you use them as a dietary fat or in addition to fats like nuts and seeds and animal fat? How many capsules per day?

A:  Fish oils are rich in Omega-3s and in PUFA, which exerts antiobesity effects, so they are great for lipolytic activity – fat burning, to the bodybuilder. But they aren’t just for a pre-contest diet, they are for your health and well being and should be taken daily. We recommend taking at least 7 to 10 capsules (or 3 grams daily), but do build up to that slowly. You’ll want to find a high potency fish oil with 1.5 grams of EPA and .5 grams of DHA per serving. We also recommend you add some EPO (evening primrose oil) in the mix too. Flax is great, and so is borage, but fish oil and EPO is truly beneficial to the metabolism and health – more so than the other two.

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