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The #1 Mass Building Food

iStock 000017413971Medium 300x199 The #1 Mass Building FoodQ: What food is the single best mass builder?  I know there are several, but if you had to choose just one, which one would you choose, and why? (And then maybe tell me why not others).

A: Many would say that eggs are the perfect protein, since the egg council has spent so much money on convincing us of that. And eggs do have a complete amino acid profile, but they pale in comparison to beef. Hands down, it’s beef, and specifically we’d say ground beef… that is the perfect mass building food. Not only does beef contain more creatine than any other food, it’s also got high protein and adequate fat.  It has to have adequate fat, by the way. Choosing a lean protein, such as ground white meat turkey, isn’t the right choice, because it won’t pack on mass. It may make you leaner, but it doesn’t have all the elements necessary to add mass. Fat is a big one, but so is creatine and it lacks a lot of both.  It also has zero carbs, so you can add the kind of carbs you want to add to it. That’s also a big advantage. Eggs, same thing, but not enough calories per egg and not practical in that sense. Milk is a good bulker, but has a lot of lactose sugar, and is simple and not as nutritious – particularly for an “adult” food. Because we lose the enzyme necessary to properly digest cow’s milk at a very young age, milk can be a liability.

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