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iStock 000001607687Medium 300x206 YOUNG BUCK WANTS TO GET BIG FAST! Q: I’m 20 and 171 pounds with about 6 – 5% body fat and 5’9” in height. I’ve got great shape, tight hip structure, and wide shoulders and I’m pretty cut but I need more size, about 20 pounds. All my buddies say to take Sustanon 250 for size, what’s your opinion of just straight test for size?

A: My opinion is its freaking awesome just be sure to limit your intake to only 1 amp every 14 days and be sure to get a prescription from you doctor! Also be sure to go on and off! Sure, you’ll lose size while your off but oh well, that’s the way it goes! Another suggestion would be to stack several non-synthetic anabolic agents that you can cycle virtually year round.

This way, you “stay big” all year and don’t have to hide out while you’re off “juice” because you lost 20 pounds when you went off the sus. Try this cycle; it’s called the Super Freaky Muscle Stack™ and its features TridenosenH™, Mesobolin™ and Androxybol™. And believe you me, if you stack all three of these and eat lots of good protein you get huge and could very, very easily gain those 20 pounds without risking shutting down your “Johnson”. This is a much, much better approach than Sustanon and besides an American doctor can’t write a prescription for it because it’s a Mexican form of test!

Hey, you weren’t thinking about buying Sus on the Black Market were you? Of course you were, and guess what, so have I! However, TridenosenH™, Androxybol™ (which is a monster test compound) and Mesobolin™ will work even better, guaranteed!

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